Asian Gypsy Moth

Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) 2016 high-risk season began on March 1st on the West Coast and on March 15th on the East Coast. All vessels must arrive in North American ports free of AGM and with required pre-departure certification.

AGM compliance verification.pdf

AGM entry policy for ships.pdf

CFIA – Gypsy Moth (external website)

CBSA Carrier Codes

As of April 30th, 2015, all marine agent carrier codes are deemed expired unless specific arrangements have been made for a compliance plan.

Owners/operators not curently holding a carrier code will be required to obtain one for their vessels calling Canada. Though CBSA does have a compliance plan in place for last minute fixtures, we strongly recommend that owners contact us prior/during negotiations. For vessels calling with inbound cargo, a bonded carrier code is required. For vessels arriving in ballast, a non bonded carrier code should be sufficient. This being said, for owners planning to call Canada on a regular basis, we highly recommend that owners obtain a bonded carrier code for their fleet.

We can assist with carrier code application/formalities as well as bonding process upon request.

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