Our agency specializes in bulk and liquid transport to and from Great Lakes, Saint-Lawrence and Eastern Canadian ports. We provide a comprehensive range of vessel and cargo attendance services spanning from full port agency to cargo supervisory and forwarding mandates, with a special focus on grain cargoes. We also offer a complete array of husbandry and owners’ protective services.

  • Assisting with voyage planning and cost assessment
  • Guiding owners/vessels with complete and up-to-date information regarding local regulations
  • Planning and supervising cargo operations
  • Preparation of cargo documents (shipper’s declarations, bills of lading, cargo manifests, stowage plans, etc.)
  • Husbandry services: crew changes, medical attendance, bunker/store supply coordination, etc
  • Special services: supercargo services including support during inspections/stability calculations, workshops/technicians, ice advisors, etc.


Scandia’s chartering activities target bulk cargo movement to and from Eastern Canadian ports. Our staff monitors market activity, freight rates, contractual trends, port information, and changes in international and local regulations. We firmly believe in close operational oversight during the execution of a voyage, and timely communications for the benefit of all concerned parties.

  • Market analysis
  • Rate comparisons, including voyage estimations
  • Assisting with laytime calculations
  • Assisting with charter party modifications and trade-specific clauses
  • Troubleshooting and consultancy in dispute resolution


We know that expanding a business model entails a great deal of risk and understand that new trades require significant logistical support. Accordingly, we offer individualized services tailored to the specific needs of certain customers who would require guidance with their decision-making process, risk assessment or even consider outsourcing segments of their freighting activities.

  • Evaluating cost efficiency and freight-related risks for new trades
  • Drafting/tailoring of charter parties and booking notes
  • Consultancy services for logistics planning/execution

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