Established in 1961, Scandia Shipping is a second generation family business offering a comprehensive range of services spanning from vessel and cargo agency and ship-chartering to complete customer-tailored bulk transport solutions.

Scandia believes in offering an uncompromised level of service, which relies on continuous attendance to vessels and cargo operations. Favoring anticipation over resolution, we endeavor to develop lasting solutions to emerging challenges.

As agents, we pride ourselves in maintaining deep-rooted ties with Port Authorities, regulatory bodies and the various service providers of the Canadian shipping community. Our many years of involvement in chartering activities also provide us with a holistic understanding of the commercial stakes involved in vessel and cargo operations.

As such, our personnel is well attuned to the needs of local and foreign based cargo interests and vessel owners looking to expand their activities or better their business models to and from ports on the Great Lakes, Saint-Lawrence and Canadian East Coast.

Looking to the future, we pay great heed to emerging trends in cargo movement and handling, as well as new regulations affecting ship operations, and strive to respond promptly to the rapidly evolving realities of the market.

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